“I am Very happy, they are always prompt and efficient. Since retirement, my computer needs are personal only and not for business other than for my taxes. I also write a lot of sermons for my church. They have the ability to handle the technical problems regardless of what they are. Prices to provide service is always reasonable and enjoy the friendly visits.”

Sandy C.
Delray Beach, FL

“He detailed the work he is doing in plain English and is prompt, courteous, and speedy.”

John R.
Delray Beach, FL

“Great care was taken to make sure everything was fixed and also helped restore some files that I didn’t realize were not stored on my back up hard drive. I live in the country and was very happy to have someone come to my home to work on the computer. “Going the distance” to my house is a plus and I haven’t had any problems with the computer since. The more I know about computers, the more I realize I don’t know! It’s nice to know there is someone to turn to who does know. I would, and have, recommended Computer Solution Center to others.”

Richard S.
Boynton Beach, FL

“Computer Solution Center takes the terror out of computer problems. When something goes wrong, I know there is help at the end of the phone. Computer problems don’t use up any of my work time.”

Tom A.
Boca Beach, FL

“I like how the computer technician comes to your home to perform the service and fixes the issue on the spot. I do not like the idea of having to disconnect the computer, load it in the car and drive it to be serviced, wait, and then have the possibility that the tech cannot fix it, and you have to come back to get your computer days later. Having the tech come directly to the home cuts out all of these tedious steps for the customer. It was a very positive experience. The young man who showed up was very knowledgeable and helped explain the issues that I was having with my computer then fixed them in a flash.”

Betty P.
Boynton Beach, FL

“David and I also wanted to tell you how much we liked the young man who came to look at our problem. He was friendly, knowledgeable, polite, intelligent, etc., etc. A real “people” person!”

Kay P.
Boca Beach, FL

“I have had to use Computer Solution Center on occasion for my office at home. Prompt, courteous, and diagnostically sharp, I was treated as if I were a much larger client. Pricing was reasonable. I would recommend them to anybody with an ailing computer.”

Chuck M.
Delray Beach, FL

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